At each legislative session, dozens of bills are introduced that will have a direct impact on Tennessee businesses. We are here to keep track of every governmental action so that businesses do not have to. Monitoring these activities, informing members and ensuring that these potential laws and regulations do not have an adverse impact upon Tennessee’s economic climate is the role of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce.

The Capitol Update keeps members informed about advances at the local, state, and national levels. It is distributed by e-mail when the legislature is in session.

Make a Difference: Contribute to the PAC

Due to the increased election costs, candidates must often raise support each election cycle. The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce seeks to assist elected officials and candidates who support a strong business climate and finance their election efforts through the Chamber’s political action committee, The PAC. This political action committee provides members an opportunity to contribute to candidates who understand the importance of a healthy economic climate.

The PAC is limited to contributing to candidates running for state and local offices. Contributions of any size are welcome, and we encourage all members to help build strong political action committees. Corporate checks are welcome.

Business Issues


Strengthen educational standards ensure effective teaching
and higher graduation rates.


Develop a highly skilled, ready workforce

Energy and the Environment

Promote diverse energy sources, efficiency
and environmental stewardship


Promote ongoing modernization and efficiency of transportation,
telecommunications, energy, and water.


Ensure a nonpartisan efficient and consistent legal system for businesses


Influence all health care policies to help contain costs for employers, while ensuring effectiveness.

Taxes and the Economy

Monitor business tax policy to ensure a favorable economic impact

Workers Compensation and Unemployment Insurance

Lead the charge to reform our system to improve the business climate

Employer Rights

Maintain and expand our status as a right-to-work and employment-at-will state

Economic Development and Recruitment

Ensure Tennessee as a “place of choice” for existing business,
entrepreneurs and companies seeking relocation