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Rural Community Action Guide (USDA)

The Rural Community Action Guide is an important tool to equip rural leaders with critical information from lessons learned on the frontlines of prevention, treatment, and recovery in rural America. While no two rural communities are the same, there are promising practices gleaned from rural leaders in one town that can be replicated in another. With this information, local leaders can then design a more effective strategy for deployment in their own community.

As we step up to do even more to help small towns deal with the scourge of drug addiction, we are beginning to see signs of progress. Yet we know there is still much work to be done. In arming local leaders with tools like the Rural Community Action Guide, we will continue to be relentless in our attack and our commitment to serve as a strong partner to rural America in this fight. Together, we can defeat the crisis of addiction and build strong, healthy, and drug-free communities now and for generations to come.

James W. Carroll
Director of National Drug Control Policy


Rural Community Action Guide: Building Stronger Healthy, Drug-Free Rural Communities

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